About Inspired Bicycles

2009 Inspired Fourplay

Inspired Fourplay was one of the first street trials bike Inspired Bicycles introduced but the story goes back when the company was started by Dave Cleaver in 2007.  His first 24" wheel street frame design was aiming to meet the demands of both trials and mountainbike riders at the time.  With his passion to create what he loved doing, it ultimately led to meeting Danny Macaskill where the development of the first Fourplay began.

The bike's name, Fourplay, came from the 24" wheels with its 'playful' character and soon the bike created the standard for what other street trials frames were judged.  From there due to limited components available for the Inspired Fourplay and other 24" models that followed, Inspired developed its own unique parts that could withstand the abuse of street trials riding.  

In 2009, Danny Macaskill's YouTube video blew up and took over the world overnight.  His signature blue Inspired Fourplay later developed into Pro & Team models as well as other range of 24" trials bike followed due to demand.  
2017 Inspired Fourplay Team

Trials Pads became one of the very first dealer in North America for Inspired Bicycles and offered variety of Inspired Bikes and compoents since 2009.  As seen with the latest update to the Fourplay (Pro & Team), Inspired Bicycles has refined the design and continue to offer wide range of 20", 24" and 26" street trials bikes to the world.

Currently Inspired Bicycles offer the Fourplay, Flow (replacing the Element), Arcade and Skye bikes for the 24".  There is the Hex 26" model as well as kids 20" Flow as well.  Each bike caters to various types of rider including beginners to pro's alike.  The Flow 24" is a popular model for the price while the Fourplay and Skye models are aimed at experienced riders that demand specific components catered to their riding style.  The Inspired Arcade (Pro & Team) was developed to meet the demand of riders with strong BMX background who prefer Cr-moly frame and specific frame design.