20" vs 24" vs 26" Trials Bikes

Inspired Bicycles range of bikes were designed with trials and BMX oriented riders in mind.  In the past, riders rode BMX or trials specific bikes.  With the introduction of Inspired Fourplay, Inspired bikes now offers best of both worlds.  Most people have seen and know Danny Macaskill's video that went viral in April 2009.  His techniques reflect the potential of these bikes including performing manual, hooks, bunnyhops, gaps and more.

Inspired Arcade Trials BikeQ: What sizes do trials bikes come in?
A: The 24" trials bikes are relatively new to the market especially in the United States that offer more flexibility towards street and urban trials riding.  The 26" trials bikes have less rolling resistance and can perform variety of bike trials techniques as well.  People who have background in mountain bike and similar wheel size may find the 26" bikes more at home compared to a smaller wheel sized trials bikes.  The new 20" trials bike like the Inspired Flow 20" cater to children looking for a solid but fun and easy to learn trials bike. 

Q: Which bike should I get?
A: If you strictly enjoy street and urban assault then the 24" bikes will suit you well.  The Arcade Pro 24" & Arcade Team 24" was designed for the serious urban riders.  Those that prefer more natural feel of the mountain bike and enjoy variety of obstacles then the 26" Hex Pro may be more suited for you.  Our 20" Inspired bike offered from Inspired is geared towards young children which is a great beginner bikes to learn trials!

Q: Should I be concerned about my height?
A: Rider profile and one's riding style determine what he/she would feel comfortable on.  The geometry of the bike can be easily adjusted with different stem length/angle as well as the type of handlebar used.  Of course if you're very young or don't feel comfortable with a larger 26" trials bike but too big for a 20" model then the 24" trials bike maybe more suited for your body type.  We do know many riders who have extensive BMX background tend to like the 24" more while riders with mountain bike background seem to opt for the 26" trials bike.

Q: What are the differences between each trials bike models?
A: The entry level Inspired Flow 24" is an excellent choice for those new to bicycle trials. Check out Inspired team rider John Shrewsbury tearing it on his Element (older model)!  The Fourplay Pro, Team and Hex Team have upgraded components if you've been riding for many years and know exactly the type of brakes, cranks and parts you want for your trials bike.  Rest assured, all Inspired frames are designed with excellent strength to weight ratio so even beginners can enjoy a quality bike from the start.

If you prefer 26" wheel size then the Inspired Hex Pro.  The Fourplay 24" both come with rear disc for those that want more modulation.  The Team edition for both the Fourplay and Hex are for those that want the best components that's decked out with Hope hubs and all new Tech Trial brakes.  Of course, if you want to stand out from the crowd or want best of the best, then the new 2017 Inspired Skye Pro V3 & Skye Team V3 bike is the bike for you.

Inspired Flow 20" BikeQ:  What about the 20" mod bikes and other dedicated trials bike?
A: The current 20" trials bikes are designed for children up to 10~12 years of age.  Inspired Bikes' 20" Flow bike for example are designed to have a wider stance and allow young riders to learn two wheel balancing a little easier compared to your typical bike sold at large sporting goods store.  The good news of course, there aren't many proprietary parts or configuration with any of the bikes we carry (other than 24" rims that aren't too common) so rest assured you can purchase replacements easily through your local bike shop.  We can also order them for you!

Still not sure which bike to get?  Don't hesitate to ask us any questions!